Finally, this week is my final week for my work in this university, except a day for meeting with a Japanese man in August.

Until this week, almost 11 months, I think time has gone by, immediately. Now, what I felt for time when I came here seem to be a lie. That might be a truth that I could make this experience fulfilling笑顔. Of course, still I have lots of things that I want to do, but at same time, now I feel certain degree of achievement. However, needless to say, I will do my best until last minute力こぶ.

Last Saturday, in Rotterdam,we had carnivalクラッカー; first, this was held by people who lived in Antilles, which is insular possessions by Netherlands.


They danced with a lilting samba音符. These mood made audiences happyハート. What a amazing luxurious and colorful costume!!


On last Sunday, I held a party for Y-san and his girl friend. During this stay, they took me care a lot! It is not too strong to say that thanks to them, I could spend fulfilling time in Netherlands. I prepared do-it-yourself sushi rolls料理 for them. I could enjoy a lot! Last day in this lab, I have plan for making sushi-rolls for them as well電球.


Well, this is another story. Do you know that we have a football match in September; キラキラJapan vs Netherlandキラキラ? This is our first match in our history. I really wanted to go and watch it, but unfortunately, my leaving date will be before the game date困った!! Despite this, now I have a ticket due to double booking!! This is mixed feelings. Does somebody come to Netherland for it??笑い汗