Do you know an architect, Peter Zumthor? The people who study architect definitely know this man. He got The Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2009, which is known as same worth as like Nobel Prize among architects. As we know, Tadao Ando got it in 1995.


(Peter Zumthor)

On the other day, my Japanese colleague, T-san, suggested to me that there is worth visiting his latest work,Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, which is located in Germany. I supposed it seems interesting, so I visited there last Sunday.

It took for 6 hours困った by train. However, journey on train is also interesting. On the way, I bumped into many numbers of children! There are many ethnic type of them, but I felt they are same. They all were so cute! On the other hand, on my return journey, I picked up a wallet on the train. The train I rode was international train from Germany to Netherlands, so I put it in immigration authorities. The man's word "than you so much" was very impressing.


During connecting time in Cologne;ln, I visited his another work, Art Museum Kolumba. I did not have enough time so I could not enter it. I took a picture only for appearance. In this phase, I did not feel such particular feelings.


Art Museum Kolumba

In about one hour after leaving Cologne, I arrived at nearest station, satzvey. Here you see, it must be rural. We can judge it if you see time table of trains; it has trains ever one hour笑顔汗!!


In almost 7 hours after leaving my house, I could finally see it!! It stands in the midst of wheat field! It seemed as if it rides on the carpet of wheat!


I could accept the reason why they eat breads everyday. The sound and appearance of wheat breathed by wind were great!!


This was the impressive moment when I had been waiting for a long time! The appearance of this church was far from my concept that I had. During the journey it sometimes was rainy but at that time it showed great sun太陽びっくり It had to be caused by my daily good workにっこり電球


This is the procedure how it was built. As you see, the inner shape was created by the lumbers combined together at their top.


While, as you can see, on its frame work, concrete was cast by several layers. After hardening, the lumbers were burned炎. Of course, if it were ordinal structure,it would be cast once鐘


Many cold joints and trace of sand appeared落ち込み. It is available because this is architecture; it is possible if client and an architect agree with itOK.


The hole is for getting sun light into inside. I wanted to do gas permeability test when I saw itブタ.


We could see the trace had caused by flame炎. Can you say it is no influence as a structure? I want to ask my supervisorウインク.


Vaulted ceiling was beautifulキラキラ. It was sufficient for illuminating inside without any windows.


In addition, at the top of hole, sphere of glasses were set, which played a role as if they were indirect illuminations電球. It drew mysterious atmosphere. Its interiors were adjusted to be simple, but that was fitted surroundings, I supposedチュー.


As identified above, I mentioned my arbitrary views. Before coming here, I had few opportunity for visiting especially for modern architects' work. The reason is, in my opinion, there exists their egos in their work泣く. On the other hand, civil engineering structures are considered for many reasons and historical backgrounds in the site. Therefore, I had aspect that I paid little attention to them怒る.

However, from this visiting, I could feel his efforts for adjusting with its environment電球. It means both have both different concept, and they should be respected for. Even for only it, there was worth visiting having an awful timeウインク.


P.S Without saying, ate my fill of German wurst(sausages)ブタ!