First, I would like to say congratulations to my friend. He is one of my best high school student days' friends. Several days ago, he declared that he would get marriedびっくり拍手 Of course he is same age. So far this year, 3 persons have already declared. My heartiest congratulations for you. I want to be a steady man at an early date悲しい.

This is sudden question. "Why do you get married?" It can be a topic of debate. Last week, I argued this topic with Dutch, Chinese and me. In European countries, the number of people who do not want to get married is increasing (cf, 英国人はなぜ結婚しないのか? ). In these countries, there are system for couples called relationship. Originally, though this seems to be based for the homosexual couples, this is almost no difference with getting married; once a partner is dead, the problem about heirship occurs.

In addition, in European countries, the relationship before getting married is more permissive than Asian countries. For instance, if a partner visit their partner's house for dinner, they can stay at same bed without doubt.

While, in Asian countries, even in now, there are strong relationship with environment; it still remains that getting married is not only for them but also for their family. If they start a family before getting married, in fact, all of them do not offer their heartful congratulations.

What is good, better or best for you?? These are part of examples I know. In my opinion, as the time is changed, it is natural that the style of marriage is also changed. What is the most important things is the couple should chose their better way, and their environments should accept their choice. Such being the case, the couple should accept responsibility for their choice.


I feel strong muscle pains汗at my scattered points in body. Yesterday, my friend, Yutaro, invited me to play football with his friends.

It was pretty sunny and calm. Only my anxiety was that I had never done any exercise for almost 1 year. However, I could enjoy the time. I confirmed that football is borderless.



In this week, a football game that caught strong attention to all over the world was carried out; that was Barcelona vs Manchester United. As you know, the former won 2-0. It was worth watching.


Here, I have an announcement. Though this is short notice, I will go to Barcelona in two weeksにっこり This is not for their victory but my lab friend in Yokohama come to Europe for their trip; Spain --> France --> Belgium --> Netherlands. I have never been to Spain, so I visit only Barcelona by flight, and in several days, we will meet together in Netherland. I am really looking forward to seeing them音符