Though, in Japan, a new semester has just begun, in Netherlands, everybody are looking forward their wonderful summer holidays; students can finish their last semester at the beginning of June! In this week, thanks to ascension day, we have four days consecutive holidays; on Thursday to on Sunday. Not only students but employee also can not wait anymore, I suppose. Often, they talk their summer plans each other. We must feel envious compulsively their holiday systems, which is usually more than for 2 weeks at least!!!

Before this holidays, I did not plan it at all. Not really. I have reason why I need to save money, so I can not go further; I will present it later. Today I give you an introduction of my former part of the holiday that was spent at near places.


On Wednesday night, which is previous day of this holiday, I looked into good place for sightseeing. Then, at that time, on TV, I could watch a foot ball game administered by FIFA; UEFA cup final!!
Although you may have already known the results, FC Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine, won a victory; this is first time and last time for Ukraine team because this cup games have finished until this year.


Next week, we can, finally, find an European champion club: Champions League Final!!


yesterday, I went to Breda that is located on southern part of Holland. At this period, jazz festival are held in there. I have interest in jazz a bit. When I was a junior high school student, I had a lecture for jazz theory in music. Additionally, I had experience of playing trumpet. Why don't you think that I have potential??


I had a feeling of yearning. I can not find a certain word that describes. However, what I can say is that it corresponded to their surroundings.


Today, I went to Alkmar where I wanted to go for long time. This place has very famous cheese market as well as Gouda. In this season, on both places, we can see cheese market; these markets are open on only a weekday.


Men of strong build walked with a sing. They carry cheese like a bird. However, they are must so heavy! In fact, some visitors tried to carry cheese, but they looked so hard.


I often hear the name, cheese weight station. However, I did not know how to scale it. This is the way! A big scale is set in the cheese weight station.


Good looking assistant women wore traditional uniform. I suppose, they are more cute even if their character is more moderate.



The company is named, Bam; this is one of biggest dutch-base construction companies. They are looking for one candidate. My circumstances are still tight but I tried to do my best, and I could send my CV. I wait their delight news.