According to a news, the climate in Holland is pretty good in this year; this is best one for 400 yearsびっくり Last winter, that was 10 yearly cold winter悲しい. I heard this economy crisis is 100 yearly one泣く. Except for good or bad, this year has become record year笑い汗.

Yesterday, I have gone to see チューリップa flower paradeハイビスカス. This parade was done passing through from around Keukenhof to Haarlem for all-day. This is a free paper handed out.


From prior information, the group supposed to pass through the place I waited at 8 p.m., but it took long time to do it. Children looked likely not to be able to wait anymore怒るびっくり


In one hour that was scheduled in advance, finally, they came! A tractor which is being used for digging up farms marched at their head. It was decorated, and seemed to be happy.


At last, the stellar roles, I waited for a long time, had come here; They were floats decorated, and modeled with flowers. Though I have never seen, they seem to be like Nebuta festival. Accurately, it was Nebuta + Hanagasa festival拍手.


Each float that were sponsored by companies or cities had each concept. Their ideas were being formulated well.


The representative of a character in Holland, ウサギMiffyウサギ was being modeled. From the side of the float, her theme song was being spun音符.


However, the most impressive one was this! I have seen many marching bands, but this was awesome困ったびっくりびっくり They played music riding their bike!! Then, a question arose. Physically, how to deal with the instruments which we play with our both hands? They can't possibly play riding their bikes with no hands for all-day!!


As you see, for such them, there is a place for putting their elbow. Their musical score was put on their handle.Only the great nation of bike, Holland, could have the idea笑い汗.

Holland has become good climate and good season for sightseeing. This week, my parents and some relatives will come here!! I meet them in a long time. I am really looking forward to seeing them笑顔.