Nowadays, many friends who helped me well get their graduate degrees. That should be celebrated, but I am complicated. I miss them, and I'm led to think that I get it asap泣く.

Yesterday, one of my friends who once took me to the football stadium to watch a foot ball game, finished his final defense. He belongs to Industrial Design faculty; I am not sure, but I suppose this is aimed for mechanical engineering炎.

They have a broad floor, and there, they have modern and artistic tables and some facilities they were designed by them笑い.


The picture was taken before his presentation started. He seemed to feel relaxationOK and seemed to have some confidence for his work力こぶ. Without saying, he could pass it!! I never forget not only his joyful look but also his girlfriend's happily smileにっこり.


This is called TUlip which are now being developed by him and his lab. On this photo, his head are now gotten up笑い汗.


This is also their robot; I forgot his name. Even if he falls down, he can stand up by himself困った汗. The movie of his condition was uploaded on mixi and facebook電球.


Each robot has each concept. This is also one of their robots. His head was modeled from our logo of TU Delft.


As I told you before, in Holland, presenters should organize their celebration party. Many people who know him well came there. The person who have known each other since they were 2,3 years oldヒヨコ, came there.

Before I came here, I supposed it was strange, but now we can not insist on what is correct, I think. The person who graduate should be celebrated but he should thank to the others. The only thing that I can say now is we never have this type of party.


Though we are doing completely different things, we are same aiming to better technology which can be helpful for us all over the world電球. Therefore, we addict to our workチュー.