Now, it has become April! What do you make an association of ideas in April. In my case, definitely, that is the event of 1st in April; April Fools Dayチュー.

As you may know, I love periodic seasonal events, especially, festivals. At that days, I can be a stupid and crazy manあかんべー, which is never seen normally.

In spite of my bitter experience, I told a lie to somebody as I do every year. Usually, I'm always the side of being lied to by, so I get addicted of their face when they find that they are lied to by meチュー.

Yesterday, an interesting story was posted on a website in Holland. It is too hard笑い汗 to explain in English so that I post the article in Japanese.



Notice: quoted from "portfolio".

If it were in Japan, the minister would be bashed by medias, and would be fired. One of what I have learned during my stay in Holland is that we, Japanese people, should have breadth of mind in our life.


Today, for our building's complexes, we had an opening ceremony at ground floor, though they seem to be under construction.


First, a managing director who is Dutch, spoke greetings in Dutch. Of course, I could not understand anything. Then, next to me, a woman, a master student from Italy, requested to me agreement of her complaint; why does he speak in Dutch at the reception for international students? We grooved to talk about their mad mouth笑顔汗アウト, and became friendly音符. You think that you have capable of a foreign language if you can say one's tongue in it, don't you?

When we try to start to drink乾杯, I asked her how to say "Cheers" in Italy. When I heard the pronunciation, I laughed at it. That means kinds of word that can not be broadcasted through TV in Japaneseドキドキ小汗; If you want to know, please search by yourselfすいません. Though I have already known some words which has interesting effects for us, it rang my bell after a long interval.

However, only she, Italian, could have great interest of it; I was impressed. I taught it to her in a roundabout way, and then, she promised to me that when she has a party, she will show the meaning of it to her friends電球. Therefore I can't stop itびっくり