On consecutive day, I post my article笑い. Yesterday, it was sunny in the morning, so I went to the Arnhem where I really wanted to go. In Arnhem where it takes about two and a half hours by train電車 to go from here, we have two tourist spots that was suggested by my Dutch friend.

Both of them are far from station, so I took a bus and a trolly busバス. This photo shows the bus terminal in Arnhem station. Prof. N who is specialized in urban transportation in YNU might suggest for it some improvements if he saw it笑い汗.


In this theme park called "Openluchtmuseum", tools and houses which are used by old Dutch people on each area in Holland are exhibited. In 2005, it was prized by キラキラEuropean museum awardキラキラ. How beautiful view it isびっくりびっくり


They are likely to be above kindergarteners up to junior high school students. They were running hard with their red cheek走るダッシュ; in relation to white people, their shift are stood out. Among their parents, lordly, I took pictures. They are too pretty like angels天使.


I found an old bike. Holland has been a great nation of bikes as was expected.


Old trains that had been used by national railway電車 in Holland were exhibited as well.


Next, on the afternoon, I went to the Kroller Muller Museum located in De Hoge Velue; it is one of the biggest national park in Holland. At the entrance of the park, there were lots of bikes we can borrow for freeお金音符


It looks pretty goodOK, but it doesn't have any hand brake, which means we must work the pedals with negative rotation汗 when we want to stop.


Even though I bitched out, if once I rode on the bike, I felt great!! The picture was taken by good-humored Satoshiチュー. What a strange and unnatural composition it is, I suppose now泣くびっくり


For a certainly, it was extended and peaceful flats just like savannah. I got the unconscious impulse to look for wild animals馬. Additionally, I was impressed by the bright blue sky日の出電球


Yesterday, it was sunny, so I could get great feeling from cycling音符. In the middle of the park, there is the museum I mentioned above; it is located 4km far from the entrance. The museum is also large containing two parts; outer exhibit place mainly for sculpture and inner exhibit place mainly for painting. It was named "A man stealing the second base", of course, by me笑い汗.


It shows the appearance of the museum. Somehow, it seems to be "Hakone open-air museum". In inside, luckily, I could take a picture without flashまる.


In this museum, many paintings drawn by many famous painter are there; Van Gogh, Picasso and Millet etc... As we all know, this is the self-portrait drawn by Gogh困った.


As you may know, this is "draw bridge in Arles", definitely real one.


This is one of his representative works, "a mail delivery man"手紙.


The last one is "A cafe terrace under starlit sky"流れ星.


Since I came here, I have seen many paintings and arts; they would never easily have been seen if I had been in Japan. I'm likely to get paralyzed of my senseショック.