It might be ineffectual time, but forgive meすいません. Possibility for time travel are referred here.

Last time, though I could go in past time, this time, I could have been beyond time and space again likely to "back to the future's world"びっくりびっくり

In fact, evidential photos are shown here.


I am sorry for such same patterns笑い汗.


Yeah!! I got it!! I love you guys who agree such stupid view!


All I want to mention is that we began day-light saving time; we have 7 hours time lag between Netherland and Japan.


To change the subject, day by day, the climate is getting warmer. Yesterday, on the return road of shopping, I found a flower shop. Then I found that prices of flowers are much cheaper than that of Japanお金びっくり Among them, after long being bothered, I bought a bouquet of tulipチューリップ. It contained 10 flowers of tulipチューリップ, and is 3 Euros困った電球 I could figure out why many people who bought a bouquet after their work are often seenクラッカー.

Without saying anything, the shop keeper tied it up. I got sad泣く, but I would like to be wont to do this style in the futureウインク.


The owner seldom drink beer, thus a Belgium beer glass became now a cool vaseキラキラ. They are divided, and put by my pillow, on the rest room and on the table, respectively.