That is not about romantic story.

Nowadays, day by day, daytime is getting longer. It means the climate leads to be getting calmer and warmer. That would make me go anywhere if I had feather!! Recently, though it is very fortunate for me, I have become getting busy with my work, which mainly is schedule for my experiment, and my dear friend's visit.

So, today, I had nothing to do, I have gone to small trip with my bro, a bike. The destination where I wanted to go is Maeslant barrier which is a unique and famous weir in Holland. Once you search with a google map, then you can find the journey, round trip, is as far as approximately 30km困った; almost from Tokyo to Yokohama電車びっくり This made me killing two birds with one stone; distraction音符 and exercise走るびっくり


While being noticed by, spring has already come here; divided road. It is not known as "チューリップa flower countryチューリップ" for nothing.


Though I am a tinhorn cameraman, I could take a nice photo!! I may have a potential ability;forever dormant泣く.


In Holland, once you go to country side, you can find such animals for dairy, which are sheeps, goats, horses馬 and cows. What a cute you are!!

On the way, I met some children seemed to be elementary school students, who were repairing their bike. Then I supposed it was no worth asking, but when I asked the way to the weir in English, they not only understood what I said, but also answered in English!! This was awesomeびっくり困った困った困った


About one hour was taken, and finally, I could get there! This is the weir, the Maeslant barrier. As you know, almost one third area of the country is located under water汗. Therefore, flood control大波 is case of life and death, even in the future. As an aside, in Holland, people have to pay a tax for dikes困ったお金.


As one of way for making out the importance(はてな), many people accompanying with their small children were there. A cute kiddy was playing with a toy modeled of channels and weirs.


At the side of the weir, there is a show space for it. We can figure out how to back up water by the model. This is a state in usual situation, present.


This is a state such as an emergency situation like flood. Once a year, for an inspection, the weir is moved. Though more than 10 year has passed, the weir has never moved yet. I wish it lasts forever, though I want to see笑い汗.