I, finally, decided the date for returning to Japan!! Before leaving Japan, I got a one year open ticket; I can change the return date which is valid within one year after leaving. For several reasons why a few people have already shown their interest for visiting here in summe, and I must have to do some works hard if I would go back to Japan earlier, so I will stay here as much as possible. It means you should reserve my room as soon as possible,haha.笑顔汗

I will leave here at September 4th, and I will arrive at Narita September 5th at 18:30 p.m. I never expect your reception.


By the way, yesterday, I went to watch the football game at the stadium to which I had gone for watching international friendly match as shonw you before. This time, I and a teacher, I got to know here, and his friend watched the Holland league game, Ajax(3rd) vs FC volendam(18th). Though, usually, Ajax tends to prevail, the game was highly strained(perhaps, due to previous game, UEFA cup). However, eventually, Ajax defeated FC volendam 2 to 1. So I could save and survive my life.泣く

そうそう、昨日はサッカーの試合アヤックス(現在3位)vsFC フォレンダム(現在18位)の試合を見ていました。アヤックス一方的な試合かと思いきや、かなり苦戦困った(たぶんUEFAカップの前後だから)結果2-1で勝ってくれたおかげで、なんとか無事に帰れましたとさ落ち込みダッシュ