Happy Birthday to me!プレゼント Thanks to everybody, I could make my birthday happy! I want to take this place to say my appreciation to you.

July 1st, I become 25 years old. 25 has several meanings, I suppose. If I round off 5, I belong to the members of 30's, and 25 years mean quarter century has already gone! When I was a child, I supposed, a man who is 25 years old is a cool and independent and matured adult. I am removed far from the ideal泣く.

Well, this birthday was my first experience I greeted in foreign countries. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Consequently, I greeted my birthday in Dutch wake.

In Holland, usually, a person who greet his birthday would give cakes to his friends and colleagues. For us, it seems to be strange, but it might be caused by the difference of our concept. This is the Dutch style. I bought a cake for my colleagues; this was my first time experience that I bought my own birthday cake by myself.


This cake was bought at the shop which has good reputation at our city, Delft. However, for me, it was too sweet. Extremely saying, I felt as if I ate a block of sugar.


However, everybody delighted. A Dutch guy who sits next to me gave me a birthday song in Dutch音符. The song was very swinging song of which they do not know the lyrics笑い汗.


Next day, my Japanese mates who belongs to our university gave a party for me. For such young squirt, they put aside their time. Thanks once again, for the pleasant party. 続きを読む