Happy Birthday & Dear my firend part.2

I know I will be complained by the others, but I have already prepared to put up with them. Today, my sweet's her birthdayクラッカー. I feel that our distance is more dreadful than anything today. I was being bothered over my inner conflicts which I desired to come here and which I do not want to make her alone.泣く However, at once, I have recognized that she never be delight without my fun-loving spirit today力こぶ. All I have to do is what I can do. I try to make no mention of detailsプレゼント, but I can strongly believe that she could go great todayびっくりびっくり


By the way, since couple of days ago, my friend I met several years ago at NCO (Network of Crosscultural communication) has come here. That is an organization managed by across-the-country universities' students to provide the occasion for discussing international students and their surroundings. We went see around and could have precious opportunity sharing our old memories and recent eventsびっくり Nothing can make me more comfort than to meet my friends. Only the wicked aspect is to feel frustrated with myself after their leaving. I am not able to wait for my dear junior ラブanymore電球 続きを読む












March (My dear frineds part.1)

March, I was long awaited, has come! As I told you before at this weblog, in this month that is the vacation period in Japanese university, I will be able to see many dear friends here.

At the end of February, for couple of days, I could see my senior, Ms. R, who belonged to the same volunteer group named 105 for foreign students. She's now being employed at one of the famous airline company. Therefore she could get a plane ticket with 90% discountびっくり(feel envious悲しいびっくり) I have some yearning and respecting friends, but she is one of them. She have never studied abroad, but with her foreign friends she met, she has highly English ability that has led to her job, I suppose.


We went around Holland and Belgium; Amsterdam, Haag, Delft, Utrecht and Antwerp. I helped her as far as I could. In one month, several friends coming, I might be a professional conductor.


I could go through some new experiences; eating mussels and canal cruising. However, the most delightful event was I could talk each other without hesitation. The precious time has already passed as quick as wink. What I suppose is more loneliness than usual泣く.


Nowadays, the climate is getting warm as time goes by. At the end of this month, eventually, a famous tulip theme park, Keukenhof, will be open. I never wait to see the dreamy scene any moreキラキラびっくり 続きを読む


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