Notice!! Return date!!

I, finally, decided the date for returning to Japan!! Before leaving Japan, I got a one year open ticket; I can change the return date which is valid within one year after leaving. For several reasons why a few people have already shown their interest for visiting here in summe, and I must have to do some works hard if I would go back to Japan earlier, so I will stay here as much as possible. It means you should reserve my room as soon as possible,haha.笑顔汗

I will leave here at September 4th, and I will arrive at Narita September 5th at 18:30 p.m. I never expect your reception.


By the way, yesterday, I went to watch the football game at the stadium to which I had gone for watching international friendly match as shonw you before. This time, I and a teacher, I got to know here, and his friend watched the Holland league game, Ajax(3rd) vs FC volendam(18th). Though, usually, Ajax tends to prevail, the game was highly strained(perhaps, due to previous game, UEFA cup). However, eventually, Ajax defeated FC volendam 2 to 1. So I could save and survive my life.泣く 続きを読む

study trip JAPAN

Nowadays, we can see this advertisement at an elevator in civil engineering building. This is general information for the students who can participate in a study trip organized by Betondispuut; students association planning for field trip, often.

I am not involved so I am not sure the detail, but they should not give away the perfect opportunity on such low cost(about 120,000 yen)びっくり Recall the idea that I mentioned, when you will see tall people look like Dutch guys at the period in Japan*笑顔汗(*Note: I will not be there at that time.)


Next week, my senior who I met at 105, Internatinalization project team for helping foreign students, will come to Holland!! On March, till now, another THREE friends have already decided to come here as well. Hardly wait to see themにっこり

St. Valetine's day etc...

Half of the February has already passed but I do not have anything specials you may want to know.笑顔汗 Why not to suppose that nothing special indicates I am doing wellはてなにっこり

As you know, the day before yesterday, we had St. Valentine's day; the least favorite day in a yearびっくり汗 In Japan, from what I have heard, this year, they had tendency for giving chocolates to opposite directionsドキドキ小; from a man to a woman. As well all known, in Western countries, they change their gifts each other. Before the day, we, my Dutch friend and me, talked about the difference of the custom. We recognized both advantages, and then he let me know his ideas he would do on St. Valentine's day. He said he would scatter rose petals花 on their bed!!! How coolびっくりびっくりキラキラ

I have an another story what's cool. My friend, I met when I was a junior high school student, filed their marriage papers at the dateクラッカー拍手びっくりびっくり He is as same age as me. I may never need to feel pressed, but I envy him. Moreover, at the same time, I am anxious my age when I will be able to do. (I will be a student at least for 2 years, and what will I do furthermore??ショック)


Nowadays, I sometimes contact some friends who wants to come to Holland音符. That makes me happy more than anything. If I were them, I would never miss the favourable chance!(ads笑顔汗) I have some progresses for my research phases, so my daily life is doing wellOK.

On the three former articles, as I showed you some concerns, in addition, I have another anxiousness, especially for my health泣く; lumbar pain and weakening eyesight. The reason, perhaps, why it happens is that I always focus on the close objects, for instance the display of PC and papers on my desk for a long time on a day, and keep a poor posture.ショックThey must be absolutely God's revelations that I should take rest for going around European countries for sightseeingびっくりびっくり汗

I must try to keep in mind that I take a appropriate rest.鐘

DV (Domestic Violence) in Netherland

Today, we found a shocking news on a web site, representing latest Dutch news. This was about establishment for the people suffering from DV(Domestic violence).

We ordinary have a general idea caused by A MAN, don't you? However, on the article where I found a impressive news, in Netherland, it is caused by A WOMANびっくり Somebody may claim to me it is a gender issue, but that was amazing for me at least. Uhm... you will be able to accept the actual state if you see the tallest women in all over the world 笑顔汗すいません 続きを読む

memorial day


Well...,now i never got idea that writing makes me so nervous悲しい. What is a STUPID man, haha汗. Anyway, i try to write such like this style whenever i can. This may cause you undesirable but... do my bestびっくり

Today, i have some happy occasions鐘

First, last night, i could, eventually, get to see my dream in キラキラENGLISHキラキラ(clap!拍手). i was really really happyハート. What kind of contents did i see?? Do you want to know?? That was...

Explanation of my research results!ショック

Completely, my brain is affected by CONCRETE. When i got up, i could figure out why i feel stress leads to gain weight. However, then, i wished it would be GOOD RESULTS in the real world.

Second, the subject must go back to the day before yesterday. A dutch friend i always mentioned was looking into some JAPANESE culture. That was a special dish in a specific day. When i was asked, i suggested the END YEAR FOOD音符 As i showed you, in Holland, they eat Olibollen (looks like a donut). On the other hand, you know, we eat SOBAラーメンThis morning, i got to recall the conversation so that i prepared the SOBA and took it to my lab.

(lunch time)

That seemed to be a small cooking club赤ちゃん, hahaにっこり i taught how to cook and eat SOBA to my all roommates. They seemed to be with pleasure!! So i was! Finally, we exchanged the appointment to go to eat typical DUTCH mealOK next time!!


As expected, this must leads to make me improve my English ability. Absolutely trueびっくり 続きを読む


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